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: moon child general tso chicken serve 3
: saboinia July 15, 2012, 05:24:38 PM
Moon child general tso chicken
•   Rice or pasta
•   3 chicken breast
•   Oil of choice
•   Ginger to taste
•   Red pepper to taste
•   3 tbls soy sause
•   1 tsp apple cider vinager
•   Ό cup flour or equavalant corn starch
•   2 tbls suger
•   1 medium onion
•   2 tbls minced garlic
•   2 cups chicken broth
•   8 oz (small container) of sour cream
•   Parmesan cheese to taste

1)   Dice the onion and mince the garlic
2)   Place in pot
3)   Cut chicken into cubes
4)   Add enough oil soos that the chicken does not stick to the pot
5)   Cook thourougly
6)   Add the chicken broth and other ingreadients
7)   Stir well it may seem like it take forever but eventually the lumps will go away

(magickal assioations include, protection, health, spirituality, psysichim, the moon, money……..just cook and eat with visualiazattion)
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