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: Chakra Frequencies for Android
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Oh ya here it is, took us about 3 months to compile & test. We proud to announce the Chakra Frequency app. It is for Mobile & Windows both, and it is free & paid both, so noone is forced to buy this app! We know how bad the economy is, trust us, so this is a way for us to give back at no cost to our great community! The Windows version will be released sometime this week, we still need to package it into the installer/updater system. It will work for Windows XP/Vista/7.

Heres the details:


Chakra Frequencies PRO is about Enjoying a blend of custom music and visualizations for each Chakra. There are also RAW Hz frequencies for the 7 chakras. They go in 30 second doses so you dont overload your brain! You can also loop them. The Chakra Frequencies App is designed to give people an app that has ALL the Solfeggio Frequencies into one app instead of a pile of them in the Google Play Store. This app is intended for seasoned Spiritualists & Pagans, if your not familiar with Chakras or Chakra Frequencies, please research them.


You need to plugin the headphones or plug the phone/tablet into Stereo speakers, but make sure you always, ALWAYS turn OFF the equalizer so their is no distortion. If you leave the equalizer on make sure you tune it properly so you don't hurt your ears.

This goes for your phone/tablet as well, so never use these frequencies if your equalizer is on, to check go to your sound settings or multimedia settings and turn off all sound enhancement options that may cause distortion.


*Recommended hardware requirements to run without lag: 1+ GHz CPU, 512-1+ GIG RAM - Check to see if you meet these first before purchasing.

If your phone is old, then PLEASE BUY THE HD version ONLY. If you have a dual core phone,or 512 GB of ram, then you are set!

If for some reason your phone cannot load a particular visual at all, then a get a refund & buy the HD version, it will solve any video issues IF their is any.

Updates will add alot of new features!!!


Chakra Frequencies - Mobile & Windows (
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