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: Balancing the Sacral Chakra
: MurphyPagan July 09, 2011, 06:45:34 AM
When our Sacral Chakra is out of balance, we can feel destructive, irresponsible, self-pitying and lethargic. It is easy to restore health here by using orange energy.
Our chakras are constantly moving in and out of balance. This is very normal but when an imbalance lasts for too long, we may experience physical manifestations of illness. To remedy this, we simply need to set the intention of re-connecting.

The Sacral Chakra is located about an inch below our belly button. For women, it is located within and or around the womb. This chakra governs our sensuality, sexuality and emotions. When this chakra is in balance, we feel joyful, enthusiastic, sociable and self-assured. When itís out of balance, we see irresponsibility, exhibitionism, destructive behaviors and selfishness.

The Orange Chakra

The color we associate with the sacral chakra is orange. Orange energy brings about increased feelings of well-being, motivation, positive thinking, and the expression of inner joy. When our sacral chakra is balanced, we will have overall feelings of creativity and production.

Too Much Orange?

There are times when we have too much orange energy. That is to say that our sacral chakra can be working overtime. When this happens, you may experience those normally positive feelings of creativity and production begin to move into manic and compulsive behaviors. You will know this happens when the project you're working on is longer pleasurable. This is not the same as getting bored with a project or feeling that itís time to do something new. Rather, it is when just getting the project done to have it finished, is your main motivation. The energy of this is heavy and difficult. It is draining and energy-zapping

Restoring Balance to an Overworked Chakra

How do you remedy this? Use purple to bring balance back. Purple is orangeís ďcomplementary colorĒ and this just means that purple balances orange. Simply wear purple clothes, or use purple gemstones, eat purple foods, etc.

The Goddess Bast

A Goddess we can invoke to help balance our sacral chakra is Bast. She is the Egyptian who manages dancing, animals, freedom, humor, joy, magic, overcoming and playfulness. Her symbols include the pyramid, sun and moon and her totem is cat.

Simple Bast Meditation

To invoke the powerful and positive characteristics of Bast, gather together several orange-energy gemstones such as coral, tigerís eye and amber. Light an orange candle (to symbolize the orange energy of the sacral chakra) and ask to receive Bastís energy and abundance. Ask her to enter your sacral chakra. When you do this, you may feel a tingling sensation Ė this is normal and just means you have connected with this chakra. Ask Bast to heal your chakra and help restore balance. Sit in this space for a while and when you feel ready, thank Bast and bring your conscious mind back to the room you are in. Hopefully you will feel restored, energized and in balance after this simple meditation.
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