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Author Topic: Challenges for Pagan Youth, In Their Own Words  (Read 2039 times)

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Challenges for Pagan Youth, In Their Own Words
« on: March 12, 2014, 10:06:55 PM »

The results are in! You may have seen my last post discussing a survey question I sent out to my youth network asking what their favorite part about being a young Witch or Pagan is. The results were surprising to most but I can’t say I was very surprised. However, the results of this survey question did surprise me a little.

To a network of thousands of young people on social media and email, I asked “what is the biggest challenge for you, being a young Witch or Pagan?” I received over sixty responses within 48 hours. Here is a small sampling of the responses:

For me it's age-hate from older pagans. 'you're too young to have an opinion! can't know more than me, I'm 30 years older than you!....quit trying to argue your beliefs you're a little kid!' I think it's horrid and ridiculous to think age = knowledge and the right to an opinion. Everyone has opinions and their own beliefs. And who knows, maybe that 21 year old witch has been studying since they were 15...that's 6 years. Whereas that 45 year old Witch could have only just been shown the path of Witchcraft. I also find a lack of resources horrid...most teen-focused books are 'spells for teenage witches who want to smite their bullies with magic' etc.

-V, age 17

Lack of resources, time, and confidence

-E, age 15

The hardest part was resources, support, keeping it a secret because of judgmental peers and fear of them.

-S, age 19

The most difficult part of being a young witch for me was dealing with the lack of teachers willing to teach. but I have overcome that by buying books.

-T, age 19

I get bullied because everyone thinks that I'm going to Hex them…


I've always had a difficult time actually being able to join a group for regular circles because they are mostly adults who have been doing it for a long time and if i do join i don't feel that welcome.


Unsupportive family. In my home everyone is a catholic. When I said to my aunt I'm a 'atheist' she ordered me go to the church and confess. It hurts.


Lack of resources mainly. I don't have a job to pay for the things I need yet. Also the lack of knowing any other witches in the area to possibly help me and guide me. I'm also afraid that when I tell my mother she won't be too supportive of the idea. Also since I'm extremely new I still need to learn most of the basics and with only online resources (some of which are helpful) I'm not too sure of what I would be doing right or wrong plus I'm more of a hands on person and learn as I go. . . .


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