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Author Topic: Ormalite  (Read 3384 times)

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« on: June 15, 2012, 01:35:36 PM »
Source to purchase from:

I had to post this wonderful supplement. These are what we call supplements of supplements pure earth blends. This man who runs this company is a very down to earth centered guy, focused & balanced 24/7, because he of course takes his own products. I also have to tell you they have great prices for those of us struggling in this economy, it is a great health site to choose. I wont promote many products, but this one I have no problem doing since it is real Ormus clays here.

Ormalite Details(source):

Ingredients: Ormalite clay.

Ormalite is a remarkable clay, rich with M-state elements (single atom states, smaller than colloidal and ionic) straight from Nature and is the secret to the calm sense of well being experienced, usually within minutes of consumption. Ormalite contains a broad spectrum of macro minerals, trace minerals and M-State elements resulting in an overall balanced influence on the body. These mineral nutrients are food for the brain, the hormonal system, the nervous system and the DNA. Taken just before bed Ormalite fosters deep, restful sleep. Serves as an excellent enhancement to workouts, yoga, martial arts, and chi gong. Ormalite deepens prayer and meditation, and enhances social relaxation.

Recommended Use: Add one small level scooper (.15 ml = approx. 1/30th of a teaspoon, scooper provided) to any amount of water, food, or smoothie first thing in the morning and last thing at night (to enhance sleep and improve nighttime regeneration). Ormalite may be taken alone, or added to the Ancient Mineral Blend drink and/or the Earth & Sea or Pure Greens & Fiber drink.

Based on the relaxing, stress-reducing effect Ormalite may have, going beyond 2 doses per day may cause a more than usual relaxation, meditative state with a reduced interest in “getting things done”. Increases body meridian flow (chi). Vary dosage according to preference. Excellent for meditation, stress reduction, chi gong, pursuit of your life purpose, and expressions of creativity.

One dose of Ormalite has a diminishing effect over the course of 3 days. Doses are both cumulative and diminishing with time, reducing in effect by 1/3 each day.

If nothing is felt within 15 minutes with the first dose, take another dose and continue until noticeable results are obtained. Some are able to take 3-4 doses in a day, while for others, ½ dose per day is all that is required.

Normal effects include an increased sense of calm centeredness, smooth energy, greater relaxation, better focus, less stress, less pain, a reduction in headaches, a more open heart, and a general sense of happiness and well being. Effects increase over 15-30 minutes and continue strong for 3 hours with a diminishing effect over three full days. Doses are both cumulative and diminishing with time, reducing in effect by 1/3 each day, yet increasing in potency according to what is taken now plus what potency remains of the previous 2 days.

Most will feel noticeable effects with the first dose. Yet, for a few, the enhanced sense of well being will be more subtle. Everyone is individual. Just watch for signs of feeling less stress, lighter, and happier.

Rest assured that, felt or not, the Ormalite is providing the body with precious M-state elements, minerals, trace minerals and rejuvenative influences, resulting in improved brain function, energy, vitality, better sleep, and a steady improvement in well being. You may notice that dreams and desires manifest more quickly than usual. This is due to the reduction of stress allowing for an additional concentration of your creative energies.

Be advised: large amounts over time may temporarily increase an existing condition of ringing in the ears.

Read the Ormalite Powder Instructions for Use to understand more fully the possibility of “symptoms of getting too much”. Basically, if you experience excessive sleepiness or inability to focus on the “business of the day”, then this may be a sign of getting too much Ormalite for your unique system. It may also just be your body’s way of correcting a long standing inability to fully rest and is attempting to “catch up”. If this is too uncomfortable, or interferes with needs of normal life and business, simply stop taking Ormalite until fully back on track, then resume at a much reduced dose.
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