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Author Topic: The Runes: An Introduction  (Read 2576 times)

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The Runes: An Introduction
« on: July 09, 2011, 04:53:13 AM »
 A fascinating divinatory system that has its roots in ancient Norse history and mythology. It is an alphabet, a series of divinatory marks, and a magickal method. If you have Germanic/Norse ancestry, you will probably discover that you have a natural affinity and/or affection for the runes as opposed to other divinatory methods. But that doesn't mean that you can't learn to use and enjoy the runes if you are not Germanic. They are equal-opportunity stones.
[/color]Legend says that Odin, one of the old Norse gods, hung for nine nights on Yggdrasil, the Tree of the World, and grabbed the runes just before he fell from the tree (take a look at the Hanged Man card in the Tarot deck, and you will see Odin there). This sacrifice was what brought the runes to humankind.
[/color]Runes lost favor after World War II, when the Nazi party adopted several runes, most notably the swastika. It has taken many years for the Nazi taint to wear off.
[/t]  [/color]Runic alphabets are called futharks, so named because the first six letters of any version spell out the very word. There are three main futharks: Elder, Younger, and Anglo-Saxon. Chances are that the set of runes you have bought (or made) is an Elder Futhark.
[/color]Usually, runes are inscribed on stones or wood. Depending on which set you have bought, or made, you will have either 24 or 25 runes. Modern-day rune sets that you buy at the local bookstore will more than likely have the Blank Rune, or Wyrd, as it is sometimes called; rune masters who deplore the Blank Rune will not add it to the set.
[/color]Some books that you can get at the store have futzed with the order of the runes. After some experimentation, I have decided that I am a traditionalist; I like to stick to the accepted, traditional alphabetical order. (After all, we wouldn't take too kindly to someone reordering OUR alphabet, would we?)
[/color]Some of it (particularly the correspondence information) also comes from research I did (and continue to do) on the divination system.

[/color]The two books that I feel are the best are "Discover Runes" by Tony Willis, and "Northern Mysteries and Magick" by [/color]Freya Aswynn. There are others, but I always suggest starting with those two books.

May you be blessed in all you do, say, think and in your actions.

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