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Author Topic: rune for all reasons  (Read 2570 times)

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rune for all reasons
« on: April 02, 2012, 12:49:04 PM »
sometimes runes are spell poems this is one such poem

Up threw my roots, down threw my wings
into my core energy sings
threw mind gone still
through words that dance
decend upon me
a sacred trance
let all impediments to guard
now be banished from this place
salted water, smoke of sage
cast out  trace of doubt,fear, and rage
rise up flame and circle round
within protection will be found
the forces raised with in your frame
circle of power you'll contain
spirits of east, south, west and north
i summon, stir  and call ye fourth
graces of thought, change, feeling fact
these gifts let now your inner strength attract
O Lady, Oh Queen of earth and sea
come to my aid i cry to thee.
oh lord of air, Oh lord of fire,
come and bring form to my desire.
oh light that RISES, light that spins
i rejoyce as the work begunis
oh swirling cone of power i pray
that you now do as i say,

)((insert stanza with wish)
(insert stanza with wish)
insert stanza with wish
insert stanza with wish

Oh mighty ones you are released,
with thanks and love by this your priestess
oh circle open your embrace,
open to your task and make haste.
sun, moon planets now hear me,
align yourselves copatively
let no reversal trouble me
as i will it so mote it be!

jack vessly "to light a sacred flame" silver ravenwolf

Book of Shadows - Online  |  Book of Shadows - ONLINE  |  RUNES  |  rune for all reasons

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