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Author Topic: [FAQ'S] - Droid version  (Read 2762 times)

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[FAQ'S] - Droid version
« on: March 25, 2011, 06:22:18 PM »
Frequently asked questions for The Book of Shadows for Droid 2011....

Q - Why does the Book of Shadows not come up in a search on the market?
A - The market has issues still that no developer can fix, therefore it is google side, until it is resolved theirs 3 ways to find it - #1 simply use the Android market through the web browser on your device & search "The Book of Shadows" #2 in the Market app on your device you can type "shadowinkdesigns" in a search on the market, & all the apps should appear, if not proceed to next option. #3 Slideme - We have the Book of Shadows only on the slideme market to help get around this Android Market issue of listing. The HD version will be available soon. Their is a 4th option, which requires rooting your phone/tablet then adding the Market enabler app from the market which you can find easily or download/install it manually. Market enabler is not listed in the main options because most users don't want to root or do not know how, or cannot.

Q - How do I add a page to a category in the PRIVATE book?
A - Touch/Hold the item you want to add to a category then a new menu will pop up that gives you the option to add to a category as well as many other options.

Q - How do I change the pages to a different theme in the PRIVATE book?
A - Press the menu button on your phone/tablet inside the page itself to see the themes menu button, press it then you can change the pages theme.

Q - Does the PRIVATE book have custom fonts?
A - Yes it sure does, each theme is packed with a special font, if you do not fancy it then you can easily change it to a normal font, & retain your chosen theme.

Q - How do I save to the SD card in the PRIVATE book?
A - Touch & hold the item in your private book list, then a new menu appears that will give you an option to save to the SD card.

Q - How do I add a shortcut for my PRIVATE book pages?
A - Press the menu button while in the home screen, (outside of the app) then press shortcut option, then press Book pages shortcut.

Q - How do I set my own avatar in the PUBLIC book?
A - In the public mode you scroll to the far right at the top navigation menu, you will see it at the end of the list on the right.

Q - How do I back up my pages in Public Book?
A -  While in Public Book, Click the Public Notes button, then you can up to 50 pages for the times being.

Q - How do I change the Book Gallery theme?
A - Right after starting the app, press the menu button, then you will see the Book Gallery Settings option under "more", once in the Book Gallery settings window you will see the Book Gallery theme option.

Q - How do I pull up the Book Gallery?
A - Press the Menu button while in the Table of Contents to pull up the Book Gallery, or press menu in the Book pages list or while editing a page, and the Gallery option will appear.

Q - Why does the Gallery seem to crash when I load the gallery?
A - During BETA TESTING we noticed Some "random devices" seem to not have enough CPU power so they gallery crashes, the fix is to go into the Book Gallery Settings from the Table of Contents, then under "Display Mode" change it from floating images to cross fade or something else besides Floating Images mode.
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