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July 05, 2012, 07:02:56 AM by saboinia in card of the day

yay i am back....

tarot of the day.................................the hermit

basic momentum of this card .....80-90% of the stuff people tell you is must learn to think for yourself

meditation, the search for truth, good counsel, wisdom, prudence, a withdraw from life in order to find ones center, answers lead to more questions, learning from the experts and knowing that said expert can only know a small part of the big picture, a search for light, a desire to seek further, reaching out to the ancient ones, the eternal student, spiritual wisdom in the form of guidance from the higher powers,  a broading of of the inner horizons, mystics, use of prudence, play your cards close to your chest, trust only those you must, and do not discuss your future plans with anyone but do keep working on them, you have a goal in sight , it is reachable take care in who you confide in,  a wait and see policy should be adopted by the querrent, hidden enemies, and the subtitle intrigues of others, slow but cautious progress, by no means a time for twiddling your thumbs, so long as one is on guard, and keeps a lid on your plans much can still be accomplished...everything depends on the cards that follow in the reading,

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June 18, 2012, 09:49:23 AM by saboinia in card of the day

tarot of the day..................8 of cups

basic momentum...................getting paid while learning

magickal uses......getting that job were you want paid training, supporting those who are to become a master craftsman

paid training, learning, apprentice, gaining new knowledge or skills, working very hard at low paying levels, nose to the grindstone, creation, mind has a positive effect on the body, sensible health program, no nerve problems, wealth can be obtained by solid logical action, a card of the skilled worker, lord of prudence , prudence and circumspection pay dividends. Skill in material affairs; hard work and the rewards there of, the use of one trade or natural talents to increase one's income. Points to the patient application of talents or knowledge; methodical work, preceded by careful preparation.

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June 16, 2012, 07:18:44 PM by saboinia in card of the day

tarot of the day....................................the princess of coins

basic movement of this card............manifestation

she is a student, a careful child, deep concentration, scholarship news, bringer of messages, a young person who makes the seeker proud, the thing that is represented by the card modified has manifested, benevolent, compassionate courageous, hard working and physically strong. Somewhat concretive in her approach to life, she is also prudent and painstaking; in fact she will often succeed when she does not expect to do so, a kind and generous nature, always ready to share her bounty and sheer enjoyment of life with others

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June 05, 2012, 07:58:42 AM by saboinia in libri

in this thread of my blog i will shre virtual libries where you can get free esoteric and magick related ebooks free esoteric ebooks or support the site and order a cd  or zip file of all of them a hermetic libri the occult underground another esoteric libri

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