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March 04, 2012, 03:16:47 AM by Book Master in Book of Shadows APPS Mobile/Windows

***WARNING: The Home replacement app ADW Launcher IS REQUIRED to use this theme - LOW DPI phones CANNOT use this theme.***
Honeycomb HD textures coming soon.
It looks good on a 7" tablet, but Honeycomb users wait a bit for the update if you buy it.

- 4 Cernunnos Wallpapers (handcrafted from scratch), many more with updates.

Druids, Pagans & Spiritualists Enjoy!

Report bugs here:

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February 15, 2012, 02:23:36 PM by Book Master in Book of Shadows APPS Mobile/Windows

Pentacle Clock Widget Pack


8 Pentacle Clocks to choose from, for your home screen!

*These Pentacle clocks are like any other clock widget you would download, except these are HD & handcrafted from scratch, and is intended for Pagans that need more Paganism on their Droid!

WARNING: This is a widget, not an app. To use: Long press the Home screen, Press Widgets, then you will see the list of Pentacle Clocks - 8 in total.

Pagans & Spiritualists ENJOY!

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September 17, 2011, 02:32:30 PM by Book Master in Book of Shadows APPS Mobile/Windows

WARNING: This is not a stand alone app, it is a plugin for The Official Book of Shadows for Android:

The Book of Shadows Samhain Edition!
This expansion to the Book of Shadows is to be used for your Samhain rituals, or all year.


- Menu upgraded, now optional.

- All New Samhain Book Themes

- All New Samhain Wallpapers

- All New UI for Samhain Edition

- Samhain Keyboard theme for Better Keyboard & Ultra Keyboard

- Layout fixes that will eventually be added to the Standard Book of Shadows

If you need help, Refer to the website: tech support boards from the app, or
email: for more details.

***Please post any bugs in the tech support boards through the app, they will be handled immediately.


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