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January 07, 2013, 03:21:09 PM by Book Master in Book of Shadows APPS Mobile/Windows


Book of Shadows Windows

3 Years in the making, many more with updates!
Pagans rejoice, for the time has come, the most advanced Book of Shadows App to date, the Book of Shadows for Windows Desktop!


- Create an account for your book, keep your data private & secure.

- Set your data into a specific category

- Customization with themes, settings, avatar and much more!

- Your data is always secure, Transfer your BoS data from one PC to another with ease

- Book of Shadows Online allows you to share your BoS data or gather new info from others

- Chat system built in, talk with the developers or the Pagan community anytime, added as well.

- Book of Shadows Gallery gives you plenty of new downloads to choose from

- Updates are fueled by donations please help if you can!

Book of Shadows Windows Desktop Requirements:

Core Requirement: .NET Framework 4.0 & 3.5

Hard Drive Space: 63 MB Free Hard Drive Space

Plugins: Flash, Java

OS: Windows XP,Vista,7,8

CPU: Any should be fine, but single cores will run the app a little slower, Dual Core or better is recommended.

Graphics: Any Graphics card that can run Flash should be fine.

If your missing anything & it complains during or after install then here are the links:



Update FLASH:

Update JAVA:


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January 07, 2013, 03:17:43 PM by Book Master in Book of Shadows APPS Mobile/Windows

The One & ONLY Free BoS for Droid RELEASED! ENJOY!

Book of Shadows and Light 2012 presents the Book of Shadows LITE for Droid. Now everyone can have a Book of Shadows on Android at no cost! Be sure to upgrade to the Book of Shadows Pro or HD if you want to show your support for the developer.


- Add as many Book pages as you want

- Set your name for the Book

- Share Each Book Page

- Backup your Book data, or import from other device.

- Search for Book pages

- Sort your pages

- Change the font size

- Features a Tablet & a Phone Mode

This free version will have occasional updates.


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November 28, 2012, 06:07:53 PM by Book Master in Book of Shadows APPS Mobile/Windows

Book of Shadows Online is a Free app designed to easily connect you with the latest Digital Pagan Goods from Book of Shadows and, -

Download the Latest Pagan Apps for Droid, Get the latest News, Wallpapers, and Videos fast and easy!

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August 26, 2012, 08:40:13 PM by Book Master in Book of Shadows APPS Mobile/Windows

Pentacle Clock Widget HD


8 HD Pentacle Clocks to choose from, for your home screen! This widget is Honeycomb & Ice Cream Sandwich Ready!

*These Pentacle clocks are like any other clock widget you would download, except these are HD & handcrafted from scratch, and is intended for Pagans that need more Paganism on their Android Tablet!

WARNING: This is a widget, not an app. To use: Long press the Home screen, Press Widgets, then you will see the list of Pentacle Clocks - 8 in total. For Ice Cream sandwich - Press the apps drawer button on the bottom of the Home screen, then press the Widgets tab up top.

Pagans & Spiritualists ENJOY!

Email any bugs to:


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July 23, 2012, 02:06:24 PM by Book Master in Book of Shadows APPS Mobile/Windows


The Indigenous Nations of Americas is a COMPLETELY FREE Educational Tool for Windows & Mobile. It is Designed to help bring awareness to the Indigenous Nations of Americas, and their ways of life, Spiritually & Physically, from past to present.


83 Tribes listed so far, 30+ with details, almost every one has a Facebook like button.

The text in each tribe can be copied so you can easily back it up in a text file, for educational needs.

Add Tribal Nation names & words from languages to your Android Dictionary.

Facebook like buttons are available for each Tribe, some are their Official Facebook Pages.

Native News section, so people can stay in touch with the native people as a whole.

Official websites for each Nation.

Any tribes, details or flags missing will be added in updates, as well as many new features in time.


Calvin Standing Bear's Music:

Red Tail Chasing Hawks:

Standing Bear Drum Group:

Indigenous Nations of Americas App Facebook Fan Page:

Thanks to the Lakota,Navajo,Cherokee, and many other Tribal Nations for helping create this wonderful app.

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June 03, 2012, 06:49:38 PM by Book Master in Book of Shadows APPS Mobile/Windows

Chakra Frequencies HD is about Enjoying a blend of custom music and HD visuals for each Chakra, without the need of WiFi or G3 Internet. The visuals are in 1280x720 HD, & the app is Honeycomb optimized! There are also RAW Hz frequencies for the 7 chakras. They go in 30 second doses so you dont overload your brain! You can also loop them. The Chakra Frequencies App is designed to give people an app that has ALL the Solfeggio Frequencies into one app instead of a pile of them in the Google Play Store. This app is intended for seasoned Spiritualists & Pagans, if your not familiar with Chakras or Chakra Frequencies, please research them, thank you!


You need to plugin the headphones or plug the Tablet into Stereo speakers, but make sure you always, ALWAYS turn OFF the equalizer so their is no distortion. If you leave the equalizer on make sure you tune it properly so you don't hurt your ears. Also the higher chakra frequencies are very loud if the volume is high, turn it down before loading the higher chakras like crown & third eye.

This goes for your phone/tablet as well, so never use these frequencies if your equalizer is on, to check go to your sound settings or multimedia settings and turn off all sound enhancement options that may cause distortion.


*Recommended hardware requirements to run without lag: 1+ GHz CPU, or Dual Core, 512-1+ GIG RAM - Check to see if you meet these first before purchasing. Some apps need to be treated as Windows Software.

Updates will add alot of new features!!!

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June 03, 2012, 06:46:43 PM by Book Master in Book of Shadows APPS Mobile/Windows

This is the windows version of the Chakra Frequencies, it is rather simple but effective. It has the RAW Hz frequencies for each Chakra, no visuals or music, however we will update it with some at a future time, to match the Droid version.

This Software is FREE & has no viruses or spyware, also it does not track any private data. All it has is a Donation button at the bottom, to help us improve our Free goodies & Windows software we will be releasing like a floodgate.

* Important:

If for some reason your virus protection thinks this is a unwanted app or virus, ignore it, it is unlikely, but it is possible due tot he fact that most Virus Protections are a joke. Tell it to ignore while installing, however I tested it with 3 Anti virus protections while installing & had no problems.


52 MB's Free Hardrive space

.NET Framework 3.5 & 4.0

Adobe Flash


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