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Title: Book of Shadows Ultimate - iPhone/iPad
Post by: Book Master on November 14, 2015, 04:58:29 PM

Step into a full 3D Pagan virtual world!


Fully interactive Book of Shadows Journal in 3D!!!
Add images to the book (Place URL and save to set an image)
Each book has themes, and book changes you make are noticeable in every area (Realms)
Each book has its own what is called "Realm" for its own look and feel
Interactive Pagan objects (Book,candles, etc)
Book of stickers - place stickers you unlock into a book with customization, then take screenshots! (Located inside the Book mode)
Pagan alters (Build Mode), Move many pagan objects around and save them the way you want them to be set.

This is the first release for the iPhone/iPad, so Plenty more features coming in good time.

Any requests for cool features are more than welcome as well.