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Book of Shadows Windows

Book of Shadows Windows

3 Years in the making, many more with updates!
Pagans rejoice, for the time has come, the most advanced Book of Shadows App to date, the Book of Shadows for Windows Desktop! Just Unzip & Install! - Windows 8 Users need to tell smart screen to ignore it as a threat, and if any anti virus warns you it my be harmful, again ignore, there is not one bit of malicious code in this baby!


- Create an account for your book, keep your data private & secure.

- Set your data into a specific category

- Customization with themes, settings, avatar and much more!

- Your data is always secure, Transfer your BoS data from one PC to another with ease

- Book of Shadows Online allows you to share your BoS data or gather new info from others

- Chat system built in, talk with the developers or the Pagan community anytime, added as well.

- Book of Shadows Gallery gives you plenty of new downloads to choose from

- Updates are fueled by donations please help if you can!

Book of Shadows Windows Desktop Requirements:

Core Requirement: .NET Framework 4.0 & 3.5

Hard Drive Space: 63 MB Free Hard Drive Space

Plugins: Flash, Java

OS: Windows XP,Vista,7,8

CPU: Any should be fine, but single cores will run the app a little slower, Dual Core or better is recommended.

Graphics: Any Graphics card that can run Flash should be fine

Pagans Enjoy! Please consider donating for many updates!

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PostedDecember 21, 2012, 08:21:41 AM
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