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Live Wallpapers
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Live Wallpapers for Android, all in full 3D & HD for Phone and tablet.
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Pagan Live Wallpaper

Pagan Live Wallpaper for Android provides the best Pagan symbol customization on your home screen.
Choose from MANY Pagan symbols and backgrounds to name the least.


15 Paganism Centerpieces to choose from (more in time)
11 Backgrounds (more in time)
Multiple 3D ef…
 Views: 241
Nov 13, 2014
Hollow Earth LWP

Agartha Hollow Earth app for Android provides you with tons of info and resources for our Inner World. Note this app is currently a BETA, and is in the process of being finalized. Feedback is recommended if you are to use this app.


3D interactive mode (Many more features in up…
 Views: 211
Oct 31, 2014
Samhain Live Wallpaper

Everyone needs a new Halloween Live Wallpaper! Introducing Samhain Live Wallpaper featuring spooky trees deep in the spirit wood!


Animated Trees, faces too
Animated Candles
Animated Ground fog
Animated spider
Deep spanning forest in background
Zoom in, up close camer…
 Views: 203
Oct 29, 2014
Alchemy Table Live Wallpaper

Alchemy Live Wallpaper designed for a fully customizable table of Alchemy tools.

*This live wallpaper is HD, 3D, and animated for Phone & Tablet.


- Animated Alchemy table in HD

- Customizable colors for almost every object

- Retort liquids can be turned on, and color cus…
 Views: 155
May 07, 2014
Beltane Live Wallpaper

Beltane Live Wallpaper, celebrate the Beltane fire on your android!

*This live wallpaper is HD, 3D, and animated for Phone & Tablet.
*WARNING: Please allow the Unity logo to finish loading before pressing set wallpaper.


- Animated Beltane Fire

- Animated Lady and Lord (on…
 Views: 144
May 07, 2014
Chakras Live Wallpaper

Chakras Live Wallpaper for Android. A companion to the Chakra Frequencies app.

*This live wallpaper is HD and animated, for both Phone & Tablet.


- Chakra energy for all 7 chakras can be enabled

- Floating chakra girl

- HD quality
 Views: 164
May 07, 2014
Book of Shadows Live Wallpaper

The Book of Shadows Live Wallpaper for Android is a combination of a Pagan Alter & a Book of Shadows.

*This live wallpaper is 3D and animated, and is set for Phone & Tablet.


- Animated book, pages can be set to turn

- Animated runes fly out of the book

- Animated smoke fr…
 Views: 192
May 07, 2014
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