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Book of Shadows Ultimate for iPhone:

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Book of Shadows - Online  |  Media
Book of Shadows - Online  |  Media


Welcome to the Book of Shadows Public Gallery. Post your own public Book of Shadows photo Albums here.

*NOTE: ONLY photos that are related to the app & website will be approved. Copywriten material will be denied, your own materials are required.
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iPhone apps.
2 items, and 64 in sub-albums
Welcome to the Book of Shadows Gallery. Here you will find Android Apps, Live Wallpapers, Windows Apps, Wallpapers, & Screensavers.
5 items
Wild Mushroom Database. Mushroom photos taken straight from the wild by Book of Shadows & Light users. These images may be used how ever the community wishes to use them, they are Copyright FREE
1 item
Crystal/Mineral photos taken by Book of Shadows & Light users.
7 items
Herbs/Flowers photos taken straight from the wild by Book of Shadows & Light users. Also these images may be used how ever the community wishes to use them, they are Copyright FREE.

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 Views: 52
Posted by Book Master
Sep 11, 2016
in Crystals/Minerals
Medistation - iPhone

Meditation Station aka - "MediStation" is your 3D virtual meditations app. Designed to give you stunning HD visuals & music combined in a real time 3D engine, not CGI. This app is intended for spiritualists, massage therapy, yoga, general relaxation, sleep, or to simply meditate with the mu…
 Views: 186
Posted by Book Master
Nov 20, 2015
in iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Book of Shadows Ultimate
Step into a full 3D Pagan virtual world!


Fully interactive Book of Shadows Journal in 3D!!!
Add images to the book (Place URL and save to set an image)
Each book has themes, and book changes you make are noticeable in every area (Realms)
Each book has its own what is called…
 Views: 391
Posted by Book Master
Nov 14, 2015
in iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Pagan Live Wallpaper

Pagan Live Wallpaper for Android provides the best Pagan symbol customization on your home screen.
Choose from MANY Pagan symbols and backgrounds to name the least.


15 Paganism Centerpieces to choose from (more in time)
11 Backgrounds (more in time)
Multiple 3D ef…
 Views: 241
Posted by Book Master
Nov 13, 2014
in Live Wallpapers
Hollow Earth LWP

Agartha Hollow Earth app for Android provides you with tons of info and resources for our Inner World. Note this app is currently a BETA, and is in the process of being finalized. Feedback is recommended if you are to use this app.


3D interactive mode (Many more features in up…
 Views: 211
Posted by Book Master
Oct 31, 2014
in Live Wallpapers

Random Items

Unknown Mushroom (Colorado)
I found these hiking in the high rocky mountains in Colorado. I have never seen these before, They seemed to grow rather tall, the other mushrooms I saw in the area were short, growing low in the pine. These tall mushrooms seemed to be leaking black ink from their spores. If anyone could help identi…
 Views: 286
Posted by Truthseeker_Mitzy
Aug 29, 2012
in Mushrooms
Violet Flame Wallpaper

The Violet Flame Live Wallpaper in 3D.


3D violet Flames, big one in the middle, & 2 on the side (can be toggled)
4 Backgrounds to choose from! (more will be added as more people download)
2 Cameras: Default and zoomed in
Double tap home screen to go to wallpaper settings…
 Views: 159
Posted by Book Master
Sep 14, 2014
in Android Apps
Amanita Muscaria
Amanita Muscaria Mother & Baby - This is the Colorado Mushroom, known as the Fly Agaric, Sacred Soma Mushroom. Allegedly poisonous in large doses, however this mushroom is not Illegal, said to creates a sedation, has relaxing qualities. Used by Shamans & Mystics to go into a higher state of consciou…
 Views: 236
Posted by Book Master
Aug 22, 2012
in Mushrooms
Book of Shadows Yuletide Wallpaper 2
Book of Shadows Yuletide Wallpaper 2
 Views: 302
Posted by Book Master
Dec 24, 2011
in Wallpapers
Book of Shadows WIDGET
Book of Shadows WIDGET
 Views: 1503
Posted by Book Master
Jun 14, 2011
in Android Apps

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