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February 15, 2012, 02:23:36 PM by Book Master in Book of Shadows APPS Mobile/Windows

Pentacle Clock Widget Pack


8 Pentacle Clocks to choose from, for your home screen!

*These Pentacle clocks are like any other clock widget you would download, except these are HD & handcrafted from scratch, and is intended for Pagans that need more Paganism on their Droid!

WARNING: This is a widget, not an app. To use: Long press the Home screen, Press Widgets, then you will see the list of Pentacle Clocks - 8 in total.

Pagans & Spiritualists ENJOY!

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September 17, 2011, 02:32:30 PM by Book Master in Book of Shadows APPS Mobile/Windows

WARNING: This is not a stand alone app, it is a plugin for The Official Book of Shadows for Android:

The Book of Shadows Samhain Edition!
This expansion to the Book of Shadows is to be used for your Samhain rituals, or all year.


- Menu upgraded, now optional.

- All New Samhain Book Themes

- All New Samhain Wallpapers

- All New UI for Samhain Edition

- Samhain Keyboard theme for Better Keyboard & Ultra Keyboard

- Layout fixes that will eventually be added to the Standard Book of Shadows

If you need help, Refer to the website: tech support boards from the app, or
email: for more details.

***Please post any bugs in the tech support boards through the app, they will be handled immediately.


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September 06, 2011, 02:58:22 AM by Truthseeker_Mitzy in My Journey

I do often feel the energies of this earth and realize that something wonderful is just around the corner. I believe it to be important to stay positive and give our light back to the universe. It is time to be as one, be one with all. Celebrate as this is not a time for sadness. We are all here for each other to expand what we know and strive to be what we are meant to be...Divine! I thought that my first blog should be one of enlightening words. It is a time to remember what we have once forgotten. A new world is on the horizon, the Golden Age. The journey has just begun...


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