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downloadCryptozoology Update 1.1.1

Book Master
July 16, 2014, 03:11:32 PM by Book Master
Views: 33 | Comments: 0

Update 1.1.1:
- NEW IN DELUXE: Sasquatch,Yeti,Giant Spider, Giant Snake, Thunderbird 3D Models added.
- Close the BIO bug fixes
- Menu animation bug fix

chakra_appChakra Frequencies for Windows 8 RELEASED

Book Master
July 07, 2014, 01:12:18 PM by Book Master
Views: 57 | Comments: 0

The Chakra Frequencies is now on Windows 8, with extreme HD visuals and music.
Enjoy a blend of HD custom music and visualizations for each chakra. The Chakra Frequencies App is designed to give people ALL the Solfeggio Frequencies blended with custom music and HD 720p visuals. All without the need of the internet. Updates will bring more volumes of music and visuals.

    HD Music for each chakra
    HD Visuals for each chakra
    Chakra info for each chakra
    Download chakra wallapers for each chakra
    Play All chakras
    Each chakra music loops


boslogoBook of Shadows LWP Update 1.1

Book Master
May 02, 2014, 10:03:49 PM by Book Master
Views: 175 | Comments: 0
1.1 Update (Bug squashing)
- Bug fix: zoom in would not go back to normal zoomed out
- Bug fix: Pan would not go back to normal state
- File size is now smaller
- Graphic optimizations (should run better on older android devices now)
- Graphic enhancements in certain areas

The Book of Shadows Live Wallpaper for Android is a combination of a Pagan Alter & a Book of Shadows.

*This live wallpaper is 3D and animated, and is set for Phone & Tablet.


- Animated book, pages can be set to turn

- Animated runes fly out of the book

- Animated smoke from incense

- Camera can be set to zoom, or pa...

xxBeltane Live Wallpaper

Book Master
April 09, 2014, 07:05:33 PM by Book Master
Views: 197 | Comments: 0

Beltane Live Wallpaper, celebrate the Beltane fire on your android!

*This live wallpaper is HD, 3D, and animated for Phone & Tablet.
*WARNING: Please allow the Unity logo to finish loading before pressing set wallpaper.


- Animated Beltane Fire

- Animated Lady and Lord (on touch)

- Shooting stars

- Twinkling stars

- Beltane Fire can be disabled

- Double tap screen to pull up settings

**Many more settings will be added before Beltane 2014 if you leave comments on what should be added.<...

xxBook of Shadows Live Wallpaper Promo Video

Book Master
March 13, 2014, 03:26:13 PM by Book Master
Views: 189 | Comments: 0

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exclamation[PLUGINS] - Droid version

Book Master
March 21, 2011, 06:49:42 PM by Book Master
Views: 2194 | Comments: 0

Plugins for our Android version: Book of Shadows for Android.

Book of Shadows Plugins, are small expansions that add new features to the Book of Shadows for Droid. (they are not stand alone apps, they are to be used with the Book of Shadows for Droid) They will always remain free.

Download - Voice Plugin
Add voice & sfx notes your your pages!

Download - Encryption Plugin
Secure your book pages with encryption. Each page can be locked after you install this plugin, by touching and holding the listed page you want to encrypt.

Book of Shadows Home screen theme (aHome,Open Home Panda Home)

Extra Themes pack (COMING SOON)

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