Book of Shadows   ULTIMATE  
A Full 3D Virtual Book of Shadows, by ShadowInk Designs.

BoS Ultimate

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ULTIMATE Features:

• *Fully interactive Book of Shadows in First Person 3D!!!

• BoS Ultimate has the ability to add images to the book

• Each book has themes, and changes you make are noticeable in every area (Realms)

• Each book has its own what is called "realm" for its own look and feel

• Pagan alters, that can be customized by you

• Interactive objects, some have a deep purpose, others are for entertainment

• You can save/load into your favorite Pagan "Realm"

• Special feature surprises that will be revealed at a later date


Dual Core or Quad Core CPU
1-2 GB of RAM

Dual Core CPU
screen1 screen1

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